2020 Annual Meeting

The 2020 Annual Meeting was postponed due to COVID-19 concerns and is now scheduled as a combination of nominations/voting by mail and a live broadcast informational meeting on December 3, 2020, at 7 p.m. on KBRW AM 680.  You can read more of the details, read letter from the BUECI Board President and download a member nomination form here.

2019 Annual Report – coming soon!
2019 Annual Member Meeting Minutes (draft)

Director Nominations – Elections

The following three (3) directors terms expire in 2020:

Price E. Brower
Frederick F. Brower
Josiah B. Patkotak

Nominations are open to any BUECI member and Barrow resident who meets the requirements as stated in the BUECI Bylaws.

Nomination for Directors

The list of member nominations received as of 09-25-2020:

  1. Ahgeak, Max
  2. Brower, Charles D.
  3. Brower, Frederick F. (INCUMBENT)
  4. Brower, Price E. (INCUMBENT)
  5. Danner, Corrine
  6. Edwards, Ace
  7. Edwardson, Megan
  8. Elbertai, Clarissa
  9. Esparza, Shannon
  10. Fischer, Bernadette
  11. Hopson, Martina
  12. Hopson, William C.
  13. Itta, Elsie
  14. Kenton, Billy
  15. Lang, Mary Jane
  16. Leavitt, Doreen
  17. Leavitt, Price D.
  18. Maupin, Jeffery S.
  19. McCumber, Gorgianne
  20. Nayakik, Deborah
  21. Patkotak, Josiah B. (INCUMBENT)
  22. Pebley, Hazel F.
  23. Thompson, Grant “Bradley”
  24. Tua’i, Sarah
  25. Ungarook Sr., Richard

Declined or not qualified

  1. Ahgeak, James (Declined nomination)
  2. Arey Sr., Ned (Declined nomination)
  3. Danner, Christopher (Declined nomination)
  4. Harcharek, Qaiyaan (Not qualified, not a member)
  5. Hopson, Carolyn (Declined nomination)
  6. Leavitt Sr., William A.  (Declined nomination)
  7. Mongoyak, Jaime (Declined nomination)
  8. Nageak, Robert “Bobby” (Not qualified, BUECI employee)