Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can request to have your meter checked; however, it is extremely rare for a meter to run fast.  Before requesting your meter to be checked we recommend that you audit your utility usage: make sure your toilet is not constantly running (a common cause is a worn rubber flapper at the bottom of the tank), use a timer for your car block heater plugin, ensure lights and other electrical devices that are not being used are turned off or unplugged (some appliances, such as computers, can consume electricity even though they’re turned off).  Additionally, older appliances or an element on an appliance that is going bad can cause increased usage.  After auditing your home usage, if you still think your meter is the problem, we can test it.  A meter test deposit of $20.00 must be paid prior to the test and if the meter is found to be within 2% accuracy, the Cooperative will retain the deposit for the meter test.
Pay Now is used for one time online payments only; you won’t be able to access prior bills or usage history.

SmartHub requires you to register with an e-mail and password but allows you to schedule payments, sign up for automatic payments, access copies of your monthly bill and review prior utility consumption.