Frederick F. Brower, CCD, BLC, DGC
Frederick F. Brower, CCD, BLC, DGCBoard President
2023 – 2026
Tina A. Wolgemuth, CCD
Tina A. Wolgemuth, CCDBoard Vice President
2022 – 2025
Bernadette A. Fischer, CCD, BLC
Bernadette A. Fischer, CCD, BLCBoard Treasurer
2023 – 2026
Frieda N. Moore, CCD
Frieda N. Moore, CCDBoard Secretary
2021 – 2024
Don A. Nungasak, CCD, BLC, DGC
Don A. Nungasak, CCD, BLC, DGCDirector
2022 – 2025
Lewis F. Brower, CCD, BLC
Lewis F. Brower, CCD, BLCDirector
2021 – 2024
Bernadette J. Adams
Bernadette J. AdamsDirector
2022 – 2025
Chastity Olemaun
Chastity OlemaunDirector
2021 – 2024
2023 – 2026

About The Board

The BUECI board of directors is made up of nine members, elected on staggered, three-year terms. Elections for board of director positions are held at the member’s annual meeting, generally in April each year.

Some of the responsibilities of the board include:

  • setting strategy and policy for the organization
  • approving tariff rates
  • establishing utility rules and regulations (such as line extension policies)
  • accepting financial and operational reports, budgets, and forecasts
  • approving donation, scholarship, and sponsorship requests
  • hiring the general manager

Board members receive training to earn the Credentialed Cooperative Director (CCD) certificate and the Board Leadership Certificate (BLC) in order to stay current on the issues affecting the future of the cooperative. This training is provided through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA). The purpose of all NRECA director level education is to prepare directors to make informed business decisions in the boardroom. Board members also represent BUECI at annual state, regional, and national power association meetings.

Regular board meetings are generally held the fourth Tuesday of each month, at 7 p.m. in the second-floor conference room of the central office at 1295 Agvik Street, Barrow, Alaska.