Help protect our source water Spilled gasoline and diesel are difficult to remove from water even with the best treatment and can threaten the water supply for the entire community.

Broken down snow machines and ATV’s should be towed away from Isatkoak Reservoir to keep fuel leaks from contaminating the reservoir. Make sure abandoned snow machines are brought off the ice before spring break-up.

See something suspicious? Report unusual activity around the reservoir or at the pumphouse to BUECI at 907-852-6166 or after hours to 907-852-3176. Always report emergencies to the Police Department by dialing 911.

Stay off the ice

Walking on frozen lakes and reservoirs can have fatal results. The temperature of the water can be cold enough to take your breath away, which can lead to panic and drowning.

The coldness can make your arms and legs numb which means you can't control them and can't swim. It can lead to hypothermia – serious reduction in your body temperature – which can cause heart failure. This happens to even the strongest swimmers! Parents and guardians are encouraged to teach children to stay off the ice, particularly during the fall freeze-up and spring thaw times. Ice may become unstable and can be very dangerous. Never throw sticks or balls onto the ice for your dog – 50% of ice-related drownings involve an attempted rescue of a dog.

If you see a person or animal in trouble in icy water, stay on the bank and call 911.

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