State of Alaska COVID-19 Utility Disconnection Moratorium


As part of the emergency health declaration brought about by COVID-19, the Governor of the State of Alaska signed into effect legislation that provides a moratorium of disconnection of residential utility service.  This disconnection moratorium legislation outlines the rights and obligations that both utility providers, such as BUECI, and their customers have while the emergency declaration is in place.

BUECI customers who are economically impacted by COVID-19 may provide BUECI a signed, sworn statement, under penalty of perjury, stating that the member is having a financial hardship related to the COVID-19 public health disaster emergency and a signed deferred payment agreement.  This act does not excuse a members obligation to pay for any utility service received or forgive any amount owed to a utility for services rendered.

Residential members who wish to enter into a deferred payment arrangement under this legislation may complete, sign and submit to BUECI both the sworn statement and deferred payment agreement

Customers may submit these documents to BUECI via e-mail, postal mail or schedule a time to drop off at our main office prior to the date of disconnection of service for non-payment.

The deferred payment agreement is not considered valid unless submitted with a signed sworn statement and not until both documents are reviewed and accepted by BUECI.

Completed sworn statements and agreements can be sent to:

Postal Mail
PO Box 449
Barrow, Alaska 99723

Residential Customer Notice and Sworn Statement


Residential Deferred Payment Arrangement


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